The National Pro-Life Summit

Students for Life of America, Live Action, Alliance Defending Freedom, and The Heritage Foundation present The National Pro-Life Summit, the historic one-day training event for grassroots pro-life activists of all ages.


Saturday, January 25, 2020

The day after the National March for Life

This historic event begins at 8:00am and ends at 7:00pm.


Washington, DC

Marriott Marquis 
901 Massachusetts Ave NW 
Washington, DC 20001

The Summit is just blocks from the National March for Life hotel.




Prepare to lead in a post-Roe America in the areas of influence (campuses, media, politics, medicine, law) that will most shape our nation.


Changing Minds Track

Conversation leads to conversion. Find out how to make a winsome case for Life while dismantling the abortion lobby’s objections to reversing Roe. Our conversations are critical in making abortion unthinkable.


BIOETHICS & Battles Ahead Track

Roe v. Wade was founded on the lie that “we don’t know when life begins.” And the abortion lobby has been trying to maintain that lie ever since. We need people who understand and can defend life from a scientific perspective from fertilization until natural death, and are prepared to engage with the advancements in science and medicine that challenge the sanctity of LIFE.


Empowering Women Track

What are the important conversations we need to have about women’s empowerment in our culture? Plus, in-depth discussion about what resources for pregnant and parenting women we need to have in place now in order to be ready for a post-Roe America.



Elections matter, from your local school board to the U.S. Senate, as elected officials can create legislature to reduce abortions, empower mothers and fathers, and prepare for our state-by-state approach after Roe is reversed.



Matt Birk

Former American
Football Player

Matthew Birk is a former American football center. He was drafted by the Minnesota Vikings in the sixth round of the 1998 NFL Draft, and later played for the Baltimore Ravens. He played college football at Harvard. Birk is a two-time All-Pro, six-time Pro Bowl selection, and one-time Super Bowl champion. Birk is a powerful voice for Life, raising awareness of the value of the pre-born, and together with his wife both support pregnancy resource centers.



CHarlotte Pence

Best-Selling Author & Daughter of Vice president Mike Pence

Charlotte Pence is currently an online contributor to Lightworkers.com and her work has been published in The Washington Times, Glamour magazine, and US Weekly, among other major media outlets. A graduate of DePaul University with a BA in Digital Cinema Screenwriting and English, Charlotte contributed writing and production skills to the Emmy Award-winning documentary Fleeced (WFYI Productions). Charlotte currently attends Harvard Divinity School where she is a candidate for a Masters in Theological Studies, with an emphasis on religious themes in literature and culture.



Gov. Scott Walker

45th Governor of Wisconsin

Scott Walker was the first Republican elected Milwaukee County Executive. In the overwhelmingly Democrat county, Scott was re-elected by increased margins in 2004 and 2008 because he kept his promises to reform county government and put taxpayers first. In 2011, after he was inaugurated as the Governor of Wisconsin, Scott helped eliminate the state’s $3.6 billion budget deficit without raising taxes or cutting health care for those in need. The first Governor to survive a recall election (2012), he received more votes and a higher percentage of the vote than in his 2010 election, proving that Wisconsinites want leaders who keep promises. Scott was re-elected in 2014.




Students for Life of America

Students for Life of America (SFLA) is the nation’s largest youth pro-life organization. We are the only national pro-life organization dedicated to training and equipping college, high school, middle, medical, and law school students. Our approach is uniquely effective, and the methods we have developed are a combination of time-tested techniques and cutting-edge technology.

Alliance Defending Freedom

Recognizing the need for a strong, coordinated legal defense against growing attacks on religious freedom, more than 30 prominent Christian leaders launched Alliance Defending Freedom in 1994. Over nearly a quarter century, this unique legal organization has brought together thousands of Christian attorneys and like-minded organizations that work tirelessly to advocate for the right of people to freely live out their faith in America and around the world.

The Heritage Foundation

The mission of The Heritage Foundation is to formulate and promote conservative public policies based on the principles of free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, traditional American values, and a strong national defense.

Live Action

Live Action exists today to shift public opinion on the killing of preborn children and defend the rights of these most vulnerable among us. Through compelling educational media, human interest storytelling, and investigative reporting, we reveal the humanity of the preborn and expose the abortion industry exploiting women for profit. With the largest and most engaged online following in the pro-life movement, Live Action is leading the transformation to end this grave human rights abuse.

Students for Life Action
Students for Life Action will train and mobilize this generation of pro-life leaders to impact public policy and influence key elections to restrict and abolish abortion state by state.
Heritage Action
Heritage Action turns conservative ideas into reality on Capitol Hill. Heritage Action’s unique strategy combines inside-the-Beltway lobbying with outside-the-Beltway grassroots pressure to hold lawmakers accountable.